Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research toBelarus

The Sudanese Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, H.E.

Professor Somia Abukashawa visited the Republic of Belarus between 5th7thAugust 2017

The delegation team accompanying the Minister includes Dr. Tarig

Hassan Mohamed Nour, the Director General of Foreign Relations, Professor Yosof Hassan Abdelrahiem, Director of the Quality & Accreditions,

Professor Kamal Hashim, Vice Chancellor of El-Neleen University, Professor Ayoub Adam Khaleel Vice Chancellor of University of Bahri and Professor Abdalla Ali Mohammed, Vice Chancellor of University of Kassala. The visit is a return visit, as a bilateral agreement between Belarusian Ministry of Education and Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education of Scientific Research was signed last January upon the Belarusian President visit to Sudan.

The National Children Education & Health Recuperation Center “Zubren), two hours drive off Minsk the Capital, hosted the talk between Belarus' Education Minister Igor Karpenko and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Somaya Abo Kashwa. The talks were also attended by First Deputy Education Minister Vadim Bogush, Rector of the National Institute of Vocational Education Valery Golubosvky.

. “Having signed a bilateral agreement on close cooperation in different venues,

including science and education, our leaders gave a fresh impetus to our

cooperation. We see this visit as the next practical step. We are g

lad that our desire to work together in education is mutual,” Igor Karpenko said.

 Professor Somia expressed confidence that the ties between the universities in Belarus and Sudan will be established as soon as possible. “If our universities establish direct links,

then we will implement the plans to expand the students and teachers' exchange programs much faster,” she said.Igor Karpenko stressed that the Belarusian universities are willing to cooperate in

many areas, including the improvement of training of Arabic language teachers

and the organization of internship programs for Sudanese students in Belarusian

universities. He also noted that Belarus has decided to expand the list of specialties

and specializations of the master's program where the language

of instruction is

English. “This trend opens up new prospects for foreign students. We can achieve

good results within the framework of the inter-university agreements,” Igor Karpenko stressed.[

Prof. Somia Abukashawa the Sudan Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research &Belarus' Education Minister Igor Karpenko


On the 7thAugust 2017 she visited the National Academy of Science of Belarus

(NASB) and held a meeting with the Academy president Vladimir Gusakov

and the senior officials of NASB. They discussed the area of cooperation between

NASB and Sudanese Higher Education Institutions. She expressed the

Sudan interest in Belarus innovative technologies in water treatment, extraction and processing of minerals

, farm animal and plant genetics, medicine, and pharmaceutical production.

He said Sudan has a great scientific and education potential and

Belarus and Sudan share many scientific interests, and the organizations of the Academy of Sciences are working on those areas that are of interest to Sudan.

He said theyare ready to provide full support in this matter.He announced that NASB will prepare a list of concrete projects in the areas of particular interest for Sudanand agroup of Belarusian scientists and experts will go to Sudan to signa cooperation agreement between the National Academy of


Prof. Somia Abukashawa the Sudan Minister of Higher Education &Scientific Research &


Vladimir Gusakov, the president of NASB


The Minister and delegates visited the NASB History Museum, the NASB

permanent exhibition of scientific achievements and also visited the Researchers

Training Institute and the United Institute of Informatics Problems at the NASB.


University of Kassala

signed Memorandum of understandingwith Belarusian universities

University of Kassala represented by Professor Abdalla Ali Mohammed and

Belarusian State University represented by its first vice Rector OlegIvashkevich signed MOU on 9th August 2017.

Belarusian State Technological University


a leading higher educational institution in the fields of forestry, chemical

and printing industries.

Professor Abdalla Ali Mohammed, the Vice Chancellor of University of Kassala

signed MOU with Professor Ihar Voitau, rector of Belarusian StateTechnological University.

Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU).

Delegation between vice chancellors of Sudanese universities and Belarusian State Technical University (BNTU).It is one of the leading technical universities of Belarus, that training engineers since 1920. It comprises 7 faculties offering high

-quality training in 89 specialtiesand 121 specializations;trains over 35 000 students in advanced BA, MA, PhD, and post-

doctoral programs;

numbers over

2000 highly qualified lecturers and scientists involved in teaching and research;

has 41 research laboratories creating innovations, transferring technologies, and

cooperating with production;



institutes offering refresher courses in the

newest areas of technology and economics.

Areas of collaboration between the

Sudanese universities and BNTU

was discussed and MOU was signed between

them. Professor Sergei V, Kharytonchyk, Vice rector for Academ

ic Activities

represents BNTU.

Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics offers over 100

first degree, Master and PhD degree programmes in Computer Science, Computer

Engineering, Radioelectronics, Micro


and Nanoelectronics, Infocommunications,

Automated Control in Technical Systems, Digital Economy and other fields.

Graduate School of Belarusian National Academy of Science

August 9


after signing MOU with Sudanese & Belarus universities

From left to right:


Andrew Krasutsky

from International Cooperation Department, Miniy of

Education of Belarus

Professor Boris Nikulshin

, Acting Rector, Vice Rector of Belarusian State

University of Informatics & Radioelectronics

Professor Ihar I. Hancharonak

, Rector of the Grsduate

School of National Academy of Science of Belarus


Professor Yosof Hassan Abdelraheem,

Head of Evaluation & Accreditation, Sudan Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


Oleg Ivashkevich, first Vice Rector of Belarusian State University, Professor Kamal Hashim,

Vice Chancellor

of El-Neleen University.

Professor Ayeub Adam Khaleel,

Vice Chancellor of University of Bahri;

Professor AbdallaAli Mohammed,

Vice Chancellor, University of Kassala.


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